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Welcome to the Dream Development Residentís resource for the communities of Castle Keep, Springside, Wentworth and West Park. For information on our Northwest and High River developments please visit our neighbourhood resource website for EvansRidge and Montrose.

This web page is to be used as a reference for various development-related information in neighbourhoods built by Dream Development. We hope to supply you with information that will help you enjoy your neighbourhood to its fullest. Please contact us directly at 403 245-3515 if you need something that is not here.

Dream Development develops neighbourhoods with a 'life stages' approach, where people at various stages of their lives can enjoy a housing style that suits them. We are often told that families enjoy living near grandparents, or young families can move into a larger home without leaving the community.

West Side Neighbourhoods:

Springside, Wentworth, Wentworth Glen and WestPark are part of the West Springs community, an area defined and named by the City of Calgary that includes land south of Old Banff Coach Road, north of the Bow Trail alignment, east of 101 Street and west of the 69th Street alignment.

The West Springs/Cougar Ridge Community Association has newsletters online that provide information that is up to date and services that are relevant to residents. Members can use the Messages and Classifieds section of their web page to read and post messages/classifieds for the community. Refer to www.wscr.ca

Castle Keep is part of the Aspen Woods community. On 14th Avenue and east of 93rd Street S.W. near Webber Academy, this castle-themed neighbourhood has a variety of home styles and builders and features a natural pond, large amount of environmental space and an entrance feature complete with a stylized knight.

In older neighbourhoods the City of Calgary's Parks department normally performs maintenance such as grass cutting and tree care to their standards. The trend in newer neighbourhoods is towards a Residents' Association that does this work but to the standards the residents of the new neighbourhoods are accustomed, as well as taking care of 'extras' that the city will not maintain. Springside, Wentworth, WestPark and Castle Keep are all set up with a caveat on title of each property that notifies each owner of the presence of the Residents' Association. Further information on the Associations can be found on the page for your neighbourhood.

As the obligations of a developer are completed in new neighbourhoods, the City of Calgary assumes responsibility for roads, sidewalks etc. Should you have any concerns or questions, the City's web page is very comprehensive at www.calgary.ca/myproperty.

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