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Springside began in 1999 before Bow Trail was extended to 85th Street. Approximately 500 residences now exist, including estate homes, rear-garage narrow homes, villas (Springside and West Jensen), Sanctuary townhouse condos and the Access Springside condos.

- Residents' Association -

As Springside was built, extras that are above the normal requirements of the City were integrated. The entrance signs, flower beds and stucco walls along the streets and the irrigated boulevards are examples. Residents have chosen to continue to enjoy these extras, and take responsibility for the maintenance of them.

Residents have been active in the Springside Residents' Association since March 2004. The Board of Directors determines the extent of maintenance and is in communications with the City of Calgary Parks department, landscape consultants and resident volunteers. Please refer to their web page for current information at www.springsideresidents.com.

The Association collects $100 per year from each home to fund the maintenance of the extra features. The City also provides an Operating Grant to the Association for the basic maintenance work.

- Restrictive Covenants -

As new homeowners in a new neighbourhood, many of you may not be familiar with the term Restrictive Covenants ("RC" for short).

An RC is a legal document that is placed on the title of each lot when it is created and before ownership is transferred to the first purchaser. Since it is on the title, the document remains on the land, even as the ownership passes from one person to another. The purpose of the RC is to set out what is not permitted on a lot. The RC is for the benefit of the entire community, and through this property values should be maintained. Springside owners expect that a standard consistent with a high quality development is maintained. With the RC, you have the ability to enforce that standard when another owner violates any of the provisions.

Although the contents of the RC can vary from one phase of Springside to another, they generally protect owners from improper development in that same phase. As an example, construction of a new building or a change to the appearance of an existing home (including exterior colours), cannot be made without the written approval of Dundee. Other restrictions relate to the condition of the house, yard and fences. A violation that we receive many calls about is the parking of recreational vehicles and trailers on a lot.

With the excitement and large number of documents associated with a home purchase, many owners have never reviewed (or possibly were not aware of) the RC. We suggest that you take a moment to read yours, click on the map at the right, firstly to ensure you are not violating them unknowingly, and secondly, so that you know you are able to protect your property value from being affected by others.

- Open Space Areas -

The open spaces in Springside are made up of a number of parcels of land dedicated by Dundee for public use. A pathway connects these parcels. In Springside there are three types of parcels:

Environmental Reserve
Municipal Reserve
Municipal and School Reserve

Springside's Environmental Reserve follows a drainage course that existed prior to development and this land has been left to a large degree in its natural state.

One of the two Municipal Reserves is a tot lot containing play equipment overlooking the natural area in the Environmental Reserve. The other provides a grove of native trees with a pathway and park benches. The deadfall in these groves should be left as is for the natural plant and animal life to continue to thrive.

The Municipal and School Reserve has large irrigated sports fields on the east portion, and the west portion is for the use of the Catholic School Board.

Water may pond in the streets during a rainstorm. This is part of the storm system design so do not be alarmed.

- Parking RV's -

Can I park my motor home in Springside? The answer to this question is it depends on where it is parked.

The City Bylaw says you can park on the street in front of your home for no more than 36 hours. Then it has to be moved away for not less than 48 hours. If parked on a lot, the City Land Use Bylaw says it cannot be allowed in a front yard for longer than 24 hours.

However, because we know this is a concern to many home-owners, Springside Restrictive Covenants go a little further in not allowing them anywhere on a lot (the exception being certain lane lots in Wentworth Circle).

- Fences and Decks -

Fences built by Dundee represent the 'standard' for the neighbourhood. If you want to duplicate this style and colour on your property you do not have to make a submission to the Architectural Control Committee. Information on this 'Standard Fencing' is available for Screen and Lattice styles.

If you want something different, please send in a sketch with dimensions and colour choices, as well as a plan showing where on your lot the fence is proposed to be built. Note that chain link fences or dog runs are not permitted anywhere.

We strongly recommend that you have a surveyor check the proposed location of your fence to ensure it is either within your property, or straddling a property line if you and your neighbour plan to share the fence.

Similarly, if you want to build a new deck, you'll need to submit plans for review by our Committee, and you'll need a building permit from the City.

- Tree Gift Certificates -

Trees add character and colour to a neighbourhood, not to mention the environmental benefits. Dundee has always offered trees to the new residents in its communities, and Springside is no exception. The first owner of a new single-family home was able to choose a new tree for the front yard. This program was offered as the area was being built up, and is now complete.


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